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This thread originates from prior WheelMUD forum software archives. It has been migrated here to preserve the contents.

Post by Rezalas (02 May 2014 02:20 PM):
I recently issued a clone request to your repo after looking into your github project. So far it looks interesting and I like the direction you're going in at the moment (though it looks like one of your domains is expired and awaiting renewal so I hope I'm not too late). I'd like to help you work on the codebase and at least bring your engine to a usable and stable point, assuming you're still actively working on it.
If you need creds, I'm afraid I don't have much. I spent almost two years working as a C# dev in the defense industry before being asked to come back to my previous job and help build up an IT division for a new ISP that purchased the previous company I had worked for. This would be somewhat of a learning experience in some cases (as I look at the code I'm definitely going to pick up some things) but I think I have a few tricks I can add to the project if you could give me a little direction on what you need worked on at the moment.

Post by Karak (02 May 2014 10:37 PM):
Welcome, Paul! We'll take all the help we can get Smile There is a lot to do, but it's hard to assign tasks until we get an idea where your strengths/comforts/interests are, etc. If you want to grab a task, we've tracked a bunch of work via jira:

However I suspect you may have a better time getting started by exploring the code, figuring out how some things work, maybe addressing a bug you notice while logged into the test server. For example, IIRC during character creation we currently fail to display the options for one of the character choices before prompting the user for a value, leaving the user wondering what the choices are.

Some other random starting bites that come to mind:
* Do you have experience with threading concerns? FindAllChildren in Things.cs has a nice comment describing a problem.
* Have a handle on GC and WeakReferences? I've noticed the TestGarbageCollectedTarget test in TestFollowingBehavior is disabled with a TODO.
* Actually I'm wondering why we have the FollowedBehavior that accompanies the FollowingBehavior; perhaps the Follow command's status should just show you who is in the room with you and following you? (If they're not in the same room, are they technically following you right now?Wink

PS. I don't know anything about our mirroring into git except that it exists. I use SVN. Fasta will probably chime in on that.

Post by Fastalanasa (06 May 2014 01:00 PM):
Hi Paul!

Sorry it took me so long to get here. Got clobbered by Mundania. I renewed the expiring domain. It wasn't the main one. It was the one for WheelMUD related 3rd party projects.

The current release we are working on is 0.5. Here's a Kanban board for that release: <a href=""></a> There are tickets there for stuff in the 0.5 release.

The Git repo mirrors the Subversion one. I believe it should be mirroring both ways, but I haven't test that yet.

Feel free to browse around. I try to be here at least once a day.
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