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NuGet - How do you guys feel about it? - WheelMUD - A C# MUD Server - Forums - WheelMUD - General [message #476] Sun, 22 March 2015 11:49
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This thread originates from prior WheelMUD forum software archives. It has been migrated here to preserve the contents.

Post by Fastalanasa (03 Apr 2013 10:02 PM):
Managing the project references is getting old. I'm thinking that we should start doing this with NuGet instead. The only drawback I see, is that there will a LOT of additional files. On the other hand, we wouldn't have to manage those ourselves. NuGet will do that.
The reason I thought now is the time to do this, is that SharpDevelop recently got NuGet support. As far as I know, only Visual Studio 2012 Express supports NuGet. All previous version of Visual Studio Express do not.
The two places to read about NuGet are over here:
<a href=""></a>
<a href=""></a>
So how does the group feels about adding NuGet to WheelMUD?

Post by Karak (05 Apr 2013 11:21 PM):
Sounds great.

I haven't used NuGet much but it has worked well when I have. (So long as we still keep the references checked in, just adding the nice benefits of being able to use NuGet to easily upgrade, rather than telling developers "install X Y and Z with NuGet" as an annoying setup step.Wink

Post by Fastalanasa (07 Apr 2013 06:09 PM):

Yeah, that's why I said that there will be a lot of additional files checked in. I'll start this process this coming week then.
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