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WRM Stats vs. Attributes - WheelMUD - A C# MUD Server - Forums - WheelMUD - Design [message #475] Sun, 22 March 2015 11:49
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This thread originates from prior WheelMUD forum software archives. It has been migrated here to preserve the contents.

Post by James (25 Jan 2013 03:43 PM):
I was looking over the Warrior, Rogue, and Mage rulebook (<a href=" Ny00YjQxLTg0NjktZDMxNDdlZjMzYjli/edit">here</a>), and it looks like we are using different terminology for attributes and stats.
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<div>The book says Warrior, Rogue, and Mage are 'attributes' while defense (and presumably hit points, fate, initiative, etc.Wink are 'stats'. Currently those roles are swapped in the WarriorRogueMage project.[/quote]
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<div>I was going to change the code to reflect the language in that document, but it will be a fairly major change, so I'd like to ask for any feedback here first.[/quote]
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<div>Personally, I would find it easier to think of things like HP as stats instead of attributes, but I can change my thinking if necessary. Smile [/quote]
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Post by Karak (25 Jan 2013 11:53 PM):
I can get behind that change. At a glance, I don't think it would actually be all that major of a change; I think it would pretty much just swap the contents of StatsWRM.cs and AttributesWRM.cs and swap which type they each inherit from.

Post by Fastalanasa (26 Jan 2013 08:28 AM):
Sure go ahead. Stats. Attributes. They are all the same to me. Laughing

Remember to check the character creation code, which uses all that machinery.

Post by James (27 Jan 2013 09:07 AM):
Cool. The character creation code and a few other commands are why I expected it to be a major change. Maybe semi-major... I'm guessing player data would also have to be wiped after the update.
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<div>My checked out code is a big mess at the moment (trying to pull the timer out of Effects, found almost right away that they won't scale), so I have to clean that up first. Smile [/quote]
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<div>Until a few days ago, I thought "Warrior, Rogue, and Mage" just referred to a generic style. Laughing It does look like a good basis for a MUD.[/quote]

Post by Karak (27 Jan 2013 11:49 PM):
I wouldn't worry about player wipes too much at this stage. I'm not sure as I'm not familiar enough with RavenDB yet, but it may be that they would still load correctly anyway, provided they have the same property names/types/etc. (I'm guessing RavenDB wouldn't record the underlying types since they don't really matter, just the instantiation type.Wink Anyway, even if it's a breaking DB change, RavenDB is supposed to be pretty easy to "upgrade" your database to new types via a couple techniques. Again I haven't done this myself but it's said to be easier than SQL table changes. Smile

Yes, the rules for WRM being open and relatively simple make for a great basis in a first "reference" game layer, helping us to get towards real demonstrable gameplay which follows a spec, yet still iterate easily on the core without constantly breaking a million game-specific details. Credit to Fasta for the WRM find!
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