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Iron Realms Browser GUI - WheelMUD - A C# MUD Server - Forums - WheelMUD - Design [message #464] Sun, 22 March 2015 11:45
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This thread originates from prior WheelMUD forum software archives. It has been migrated here to preserve the contents.

Post by slowreflex (08 Jul 2012 01:43 AM):
In addition to being able to simply connect through any telnet client, I think a browser based interface is essential to capture the younger audience that has never used telnet before. One MUD that I was toying with that I think has a slick browser interface is Midkemia Online. You have your basic text window, but then in the right pane you have an auto-mapper, who's online, inventory, chat channels, player info, and trigger settings. There's also a settings button which takes you into quite a lot more settings, like key bindings, variables, etc. Some screenshots are attached, but you should go check it out to get a good feel for it. Might give you some ideas. Be nice if there was an Admin/Builder interface built in as well (might be).
<a href=""></a>

Post by Fastalanasa (08 Jul 2012 06:03 AM):
This is actually quite a bit of work. I've started several times on web front ends. Web projects require graphical assets and design, which are beyond my skillset and patience. ;) A lot of programmers gravitate towards MUDs precisely because these have limited UIs.

I'm not opposed to merging Web tech with WheelMUD. It's just that this would require a lot of time and effort to do, even more than just the plain text stuff. Nobody has step forward to work with web technologies in the 14 years that WheelMUD has been around.

There's another MUD project, called CoffeeMUD, that has web connectivity. That project is in Java though. It's over here:

Post by Karak (10 Jul 2012 12:28 AM):
I think looking into various clients that exist and seeing what kind of features we can support for targeted instances would be a good idea for the polishing phase around v1.0. Hopefully most client features like triggers don't impose technical restrictions on the server since that sort of thing usually occurs on the client side. (Something like a constant Who's Online pane may require the server to issue updates to the client amid the normal text stream but which aren't actually shown to the user as text.Wink

Personally I wouldn't want us splitting focus on building a client itself any time before v1.1+ timeframe. Perhaps, worse, having/advertising a custom client effort as part of our feature set might harm our first impressions to devs who stop by, with possible notions of this being a proprietary client-server architecture rather than good ol' telnet-compliant server architecture? *shrug*

Post by slowreflex (10 Jul 2012 03:35 AM):
I agree it makes sense for this to be v1.1+

I do believe this opens up a wider audience though. Just look at how successful Iron Realms is compared to other mud groups. I don't think their muds have any amazing coding in them, but the interface allows it to be more user friendly, particular to newbies, and doesn't really simplify the game.

Post by Karak (11 Jul 2012 12:32 AM):
Agreed, a good embedded telnet client is a great idea for individual MUD administration teams to embrace. Hopefully at the v1 timeframe we start transitioning from being solely a MUD platform site to being more of a strong community of MUD administration teams who are using our tech, pulling and pushing advances from/to many games over time... It would be great to have forum discussions like "Here's how to embed telnet client X into your website and get the most out of it!"

I'm glad you brought up the Iron Realms client. That client is called the "IRE Flash Client" by the developer (Matt) at He also made FMud which we mentined here: <a href="aft/1520/Default.html#2060"></a> - I believe they are based on the same code but I could be wrong. A couple years ago I asked Matt if there was a way to automatically pass parameters to the client for logging in the character; For example, if your MUD's website has an authenticated login itself, why not have the webpage rendering code pass some username and unique security token to the client, to automatically log in their character when they browse to that client page? Then in v0.9 he added the "name", "password", and "hide_password" parameters to FMud which should make that possible. Smile The moral here is that other parties may be interested in making embedded MUD clients awesome, so hopefully we can leverage that instead of rolling our own.
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